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Welcome to the official website of the National Lilac Rabbit Club of America!

Here you will find information about the Lilac rabbit.  The Lilac is a standard breed, meaning it comes in only one variety or color ... Lilac.  It is a medium-sized breed known to be docile and hearty with good mothering instincts.  The most striking feature of the Lilac is it's lovely pinkish dove-gray coloring and beautiful roll-back fur.

Lilacs are dual purpose breed that can be raised for both meat and fur. They make excellent show rabbits and are a good choice for the beginning rabbit enthusiast due to their basic standard, size and docile nature.  They make good showmanship rabbits for youth and can be shown competitively as both juniors and seniors.  With proper care a Lilac can be shown for a number of years.

The Lilac is among those rabbit breeds that are considered to be a heritage breed and rare by the American Livestock Conservancy.  They currently are on the "watch" list, meaning that there are fewer than 200 annual registrations in the United States and estimated global population less than 2,000.  

Though rare, Lilacs are seen in increasing numbers at ARBA shows across the country with strong representation in the west and mid-west.  Lilac breeders are dedicated to their animals and love to share information about the values and challenges of raising the breed.  

The NLRCA has members across the country.  NLRCA members have the privilege of competing in the annual sweepstakes contest which measures to a degree, the success of members exhibiting at local, state, and national all breed and Lilac specialty shows.   Members receive a semi-annual newsletter and the club is working on its first guidebook as a benefit of membership. 


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